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Understanding the complexities of Corporate Tax obligations can often be challenging, but being tax compliant is a necessity for all businesses.

Far from just being ‘form-fillers’, our team works with you to develop tax efficient strategies that assist you in reaching your business and personal wealth aspirations.  The advice we give is not just for the short term, but with a keen eye on the future. Firstly, we look at how we can enhance the wealth, profits and cash flow of your business and secondly, at the stakeholder level, where we focus on key issues, such as equity value and income & profit extraction.

We work closely with our Corporate Finance teams, advising on investments and transactions, such as acquisitions, disposals and re-organisations.


Capital allowances

Whether you are buying, selling or building a property or simply carrying out a refurbishment, we can advise you on any capital allowances that may be applicable.

In recent years, HMRC has increased legislation in this area, reducing the availability of tax relief where the terms at acquisition or sale of the property have not been properly negotiated and recorded.

Where we are involved in the early stages of negotiation or building design, we can usually enhance your claim, maximising the tax relief available to you and can work alongside your legal advisors to make sure all claims and elections are made.

Employers’ solutions

As an employer, not only do you need to meet strict reporting and tax obligations, you also need to address the issue of retaining key employees in your business. We advise employers on a range of tax compliant employee incentives and remuneration packages that can bring attractive benefits to both the employer and employee.

It is crucial that you consider and review the finer details of any scheme before it is introduced into your business. Any method you choose to reward your employees needs to be totally aligned with the needs of your business and to the overall strategy of the business.

As with all our advice, the key is achieving the most beneficial position for your business and employees, while reducing costs and protecting the wealth of the business.

Areas where we can advise you include:

  • Share schemes
  • Salary sacrifice
  • PAYE
  • Employee incentive packages
Transaction tax

Any transactions, such as selling your business or acquiring another, which involves changes to your business’ structure, will mean it potentially being exposed to a number of taxes. These taxes, and the effect they have on the overall value of a transaction, can often be underestimated.

The key to a successful transaction is to understand and plan for the possible tax implications allowing you to manage the level of risk and remain on track to achieve your plans.  Every deal has its own unique intricacies and our expert teams provide an integrated and co-ordinated service to support your transaction.

VAT planning

VAT represents an integral part of your business’ cash flow; if it is applied incorrectly, it can lead to unpleasant and potentially costly disputes with HM Revenue & Customs, so it is vital that you are up to date with any changes to the legislation that can affect your business and its operations.

Our VAT specialists start by identifying the issues affecting your business and then work with you to understand your immediate and future needs.  We also consider the overall VAT implications of your business and its operations throughout its life cycle, managing the threat of risk from any potential penalties or missed opportunities by developing controls and procedures that can be introduced into your business’ processes.

We help clients to manage their VAT issues in an effective and simplistic manner and strive to ensure that risk from any potential penalties or missed opportunities is completely mitigated.

R&D tax credits

Research & Development tax credits is a scheme which is available to UK businesses to encourage R&D activities and to offer tax relief for eligible expenditure across a wide range of scientific and  technological areas of advancement and industrial sectors, from software to farming & agriculture; packaging to chemicals.

Businesses that have incurred expenditure in relation to the development or improvement of a product or process may be eligible to claim relief on their corporation tax, either in the form of a reduction of the corporation tax liability, an enhanced tax loss or a tax credit.

Their commercial experience, along with their practical and easy-to-understand approach to the world of tax, has enabled us to proceed with our growth plansover recent years. We would highly recommend their services to others.

What we do

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